Fresh Fruit Picking. Pick Your Own.

Pick your own cherries, peaches and other delicious fruits ripe right from the trees.

Located in Niagara on the Lake near Niagara Falls we have pick your own fruit throughout the year.

Check our picking schedule to see what is fresh and ripe for the picking and when!

Everything is dependent on the weather and the demand so there are no guarantees on any given day. 

2016 Season: August 24th 2016:

Hours for the month of August: 11am to 5pm.

Peach picking has stopped and will resume on the Saturday of the 27th of August. We are picking the BIG peaches on the weekend. There is a good chance that peach picking will stop durimg the weekend so Please keep checking back for updates as weather and conditions can change at any time!

Please keep checking back for updates and we hope to see you soon.

NOTICE :  Picking Hours when available: 11pm to 6:00pm on weekends. 11pm to 5pm on weekdays.

CHERRIES: Cherry picking has finished for the year. Thank you to all of our wonderful visitors!

PLUMS:  Plums are usually ready around August.
APRICOTS: Have finished for the year
NECTARINES: Nectarines are usually ready around mid August.
PEACHES:  Peaches should start around the end of June!
APPLES:  Apples are usually starting in September.
GRAPES: Grapes are in October.

 Note: the below schedule is only a general schedule. There are variances year to year and also gaps in between where pick your own may not be available.

Fruit picking schedule

Fruit picking schedule



Girls in Plum Trees plum picking

Girls having fun picking plums in a plum tree.

Large bunches of delicious red cherries

Large bunches of delicious red cherries

Trees overflowing with delicious ripe cherries

Trees overflowing with delicious ripe cherries

A happy man with his freshly picked fruit from Parkway Orchards

A happy man with his freshly picked fruit from Parkway Orchards

Beautiful pink blossoms on peach trees in May.


Cherries trees in full bloom.

Full Bloom Cherry Trees at Parkway Orchards, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario



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