Fresh Fruit Picking. Pick Your Own. (current peach and Nectarine picking only)


Pick your own cherries, peaches and other delicious fruits ripe right from the trees.

Located in Niagara on the Lake near Niagara Falls we have pick your own fruit throughout the year.

Check our picking schedule to see what is fresh and ripe for the picking and when!

Everything is dependent on the weather and the demand so there are no guarantees on any given day. The farm might be closed due to inventory anytime during the day. Please check our Google profile/website/Wechat (Parkway Orchards) for updates. 


  • Covid-19 social distancing practices will be expected from all visitors to the farm.

  • Groups will be limited to 10 or less people.

  • The main market will be closed only the farm will be open for picking.

  • Water will be limited to one bottle for every two people.

  • No bags (small purses permitted) or food allowed in fields

  • Pick only what you intend to buy, please do not waste any fruits. Our farmers work hard to grow them.

  • No running in the orchards or climbing on the trees. Please do not damage the trees, they are delicate.

  • No littering of any kind. We have garbage bins in the orchards.

  • Stay in designated picking area only. 

  • Please wash fruits before eating.

    Thank you.


2022 Covid-19 considerations:

The shop will be closed this year, but pick-your-own fruits will still be available outside the market, weather permitting. 

2022 Season: END


Please always check for updates by checking our website, Google updates, or listening to our answering message at 905-262-5097. We will try to update the messages as quickly as possible if conditions change.

     Weekly operation schedule


Pick your own fruits: 




As always please be advised that conditions can change throughout the day depending on the weather and amount of visitors to the farm but we will try our best to accommodate as many visitors as possible.

Please be safe and healthy from all of us from Parkway Orchards!

Sincere apologies to those who came on days we were closed. Sometimes due to weather and/or heavy traffic we may run out of ripe fruit to pick throughout the summer. Thank you again for your support through  these challenging times.

Please be warned that we may have to close early if many visitors stop by especially after a weekend.

We hope that all our visitors stay healthy and safe!

There is always a possibility of stoppages on any day so please keep checking for updates!

Please keep checking back for updates and we hope to see you soon.

NOTICE :  Picking Hours will vary throughout the summer depending on people, weather and crops.

 Note: the below schedule is only a general schedule. There are variances year to year and also gaps in between where pick your own may not be available.

Fruit picking schedule
Large bunches of delicious red cherries
Large bunches of delicious red cherries
Trees overflowing with delicious ripe cherries
Trees overflowing with delicious ripe cherries
A happy man with his freshly picked fruit from Parkway Orchards
A happy man with his freshly picked fruit from Parkway Orchards
Beautiful pink blossoms on peach trees in May.
Cherries trees in full bloom.
Full Bloom Cherry Trees at Parkway Orchards, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario


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